About Us:

​Total Contact Prosthetic and Orthotic Inc. was founded in 2007. Our highly skilled Orthotics and Prosthetics practitioners have offered our patients unparalleled patient care and a commitment to the latest and most advanced products for over 7 years. Our facility is accredited by the American Board of Certification (ABC), and we are experienced in providing a wide-variety of customized prosthetic and orthotic solutions, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and even to those with unique situation.

We are a team of Healthcare Professionals with a Common goal of providing the highest-quality patient care
through the use of expertise, experience, technology and development of educated and well-trained staff. We believe in treating all patients with respect and honesty. We are dedicated to commit to our patients and base our practice on two-way communication between patients and their health care providers. Everything we have done to transform ourselves has been driven by our core values: transparency, respect for people, patient-focus and integrity.
Our vision is to improve the quality of your life through restoring mobility, function and aesthetics. Our vision is to deliver the best Orthotic and Prosthetic care in a consistent, integrated way. We are committed to provide a compassionate healing experience, and we will engage patients in decisions about their Orthotic and Prosthetic care solutions. We will create systems and processes that help our practitioners best serve our patients.  
We're with you every step of the way!