1. We are a Mobile Company

    Patients appointment can be scheduled at their desired time and location.

    We can provide services at many different locations:

       - The Office located in Santa Fe Springs (We are currently expanding into more locations)

       - Hospitals

       - Skilled Nursing Facilities

       - Patient's Home

       - Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers

2. Fast Turn-Around Time:

    - Same day initial contact for appointment

    - Evaluation available within 24-48 hrs.

    - Emergency 24 Hr. turn around available

    - Follow-up and Adjustments Available in 1-2 days

3. Onsite Fabrication:

    - Better quality control

    - No shipment time

    - Fast turn around

4. Team Approach to Patient Care and Management:

    - We work with Patient, Family, Physician, Nurses and

      Therapists to achieve the best outcomes and solutions

5. We believe patient education leads to better outcomes.

     - We provide Use and Care instructions with every device.

     - We provide Post Amputation Education Booklets and

       support resources for new amputees.